My Mum made me cooked lunch for my family and of course i willing said yes. Cooking is so much fun. So I made baked salmon, stir fried pasta, poached egg with some fresh vegetables to top with.
1) seasoning of salmon
I use olive oil and salt. Rubbed them into the salmon. After that top them up with some ground pepper and italian herbs.

I cooked them for about 30 mins, 200 degree Celsius

2) Pasta
First boil those hard things with olive oil or whatever oil and salt. Boil them according to the time needed written on the instruction manual on your pasta packaging. I usually boil my pasta for about 9- 10 mins until your can somewhat cut it up with a spoon, fork or chopstick.
Then i will drain them and wash them under running water.
Drain your pasta and keep it one side.
Put about 2 tablespoon of olive oil onto a frying pan.
put cooked pasta, Italian herbs, garlic seasoning, salt and ground pepper.
cook them under low heat to prevent them from burning.
when all seasoning are combined with the pasta you are done!

3) Poached egg
First get a pot. Put water and boil them.
While waiting for the water to boil, crack an egg into a small bowl.
When the water is boiling, placed 1 teaspoon of salt and swirl the water using a spoon.
slide the egg in and turn off the fire.
Let it sit in there for about 1-2 mins.
remove it using a huge spoon or something that has a large surface area so as to prevent the egg from breaking.

Hope you enjoy it:)


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